For legacy European manufacturers

This rather narrow category has become a specialty, and it derives from the transformative work we did with such companies over the years at Moss which resulting in successful repositioning of their brands.

 The first was the most dramatic because it also represented a break with the minimalist design ethos the gallery was most associated with. In 2000, we did an exhibition called White Gold, featuring porcelain figurines from Nymphenburg. Because of the “heretical” nature of the show, it received a huge amount of press and in the end, Nymphenburg was dramatically repositioned in the market.

 Three years later came a collaboration with Murano glass maker Venini where we did an intervention in the processes they used to make various iconic pieces of blown glass. We stopped the work at mid-point, and our full gallery installation was revelatory of their hidden process. The result was another repositioning of a company.

In 2005, we mounted a large scale exhibition called The 180 Year Waltz which was pivotal in repositioning the famed Austrian glass company Lobmeyr. And over the next several years, we did similar exhibitions with similar results with Moser, Meissen, KPM, Richard Ginori, Manufacture Nationale de Sevres and Baccarat.

 Our experience with such clients recently is that we are often hired based on our established expertise, such as retail or curatorial experience, and once contracted and working, we are asked for a wider scope of services. We believe this is directly related to the processes described above and to a demonstration of expertise in related categories.